As a career restarter, re-entering the workforce can be challenging, especially in a rapidly evolving job market. You may feel unsure about how to keep up with industry changes or how to build your confidence in a new role. However, by developing the top 5 skills needed to succeed in the modern workplace, you can position yourself for success and achieve your career goals.

In this article, I’ll share practical tips and strategies for developing these skills, along with personal stories from my own experience as a career coach and consultant.

Public Speaking

Public speaking is a critical skill in the modern workplace, as it can help you deliver effective presentations, lead meetings, and network with colleagues and clients. However, many career restarters may struggle with public speaking due to nerves or lack of experience.

One of my clients, Sarah, was a career restarter who had taken a break to care for her children. When she decided to re-enter the workforce, she struggled with public speaking and often found herself feeling nervous and tongue-tied in meetings and presentations.

To overcome this challenge, Sarah worked with me to develop her public speaking skills through regular practice and feedback sessions. She also joined a local Toastmasters club and attended workshops and seminars to learn from other public speaking experts.

With consistent practice and support, Sarah was able to overcome her fear of public speaking and deliver powerful presentations and speeches that earned her the respect and recognition of her colleagues and clients.


Self-confidence is another essential skill for career restarters, as it can help you take on new challenges, make decisions, and handle stress in a fast-paced work environment. However, building self-confidence can be challenging, especially after a career break or during a transition to a new industry or role.

When I was starting my own coaching business, I struggled with self-doubt and imposter syndrome, wondering if I had the skills and experience needed to succeed in a competitive industry.

To overcome these feelings, I focused on setting achievable goals and seeking feedback from coaches who believed in my potential. I also practiced self-care and prioritized my physical and emotional well-being to stay resilient and motivated.

By developing my self-confidence and staying focused on my goals, I was able to build a successful coaching business and help hundreds of clients achieve their career aspirations.

Career Coaching

Explanation of the benefits of career coaching for career restarters, such as gaining clarity on career goals, developing a job search strategy, and building confidence.

Career coaching is a valuable resource for career restarters who are looking to re-enter the workforce or make a career transition. A career coach can provide guidance and support to help you clarify your career goals, develop a job search strategy, and build your confidence as you navigate the job market.

When looking for a career coach, it’s important to do your research and find someone who has experience working with career restarters. You can ask for referrals from friends or colleagues, or search online for reputable career coaching services.

Working with a career coach can help you gain clarity on your career goals and identify your strengths and skills. They can also provide valuable feedback on your job search strategy, such as your resume and cover letter, and help you prepare for interviews and networking events.


Leadership skills are also important for career restarters who want to excel in the modern workplace. Whether you are in a leadership position or not, having strong leadership skills can help you take initiative, delegate tasks, manage teams, and make decisions with confidence.

One way to develop your leadership skills is to volunteer for leadership roles in professional associations or community organizations. This will give you the opportunity to practice leading others and making decisions that affect the success of the group.

Another way to improve your leadership skills is to take on projects at work that require you to take the lead and collaborate with others. This will give you the chance to demonstrate your leadership skills and build credibility with your colleagues and superiors.

Additionally, attending leadership workshops or seminars can provide you with valuable insights and practical strategies for developing your leadership skills. These events often feature experienced leaders who can share their own personal stories of overcoming challenges and achieving success.


In today’s workplace, teamwork is essential for success. Employers are looking for candidates who can work collaboratively with others, build strong relationships, and contribute to a positive work culture.

To improve your teamwork skills, you can start by volunteering for group projects at work. This will give you the opportunity to practice collaborating with others, communicating effectively, and contributing to the group’s success.

Active listening is also an important aspect of teamwork. When you actively listen to your colleagues, you show that you value their ideas and perspectives, which can lead to stronger relationships and better collaboration.

Finally, participating in team-building activities can be a fun and effective way to improve your teamwork skills. These activities can range from outdoor adventures to virtual escape rooms, and they can help you build trust, rapport, and a sense of camaraderie with your colleagues.

In conclusion, as a career restarter, it’s important to develop the top 5 skills needed to succeed in the modern workplace. These skills include public speaking, self-confidence, career coaching, leadership, and teamwork.

By following the tips and strategies outlined in this article, you can take a proactive approach to your career development and position yourself for success in the job market.

Remember, developing these skills takes time and practice, but with dedication and perseverance, you can achieve your professional goals and find fulfilment in your career.

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