Attention all ambitious professionals! If you’re serious about taking your career to the next level and are ready to reinvent yourself, then you need to hear this.

Our coaching program, UpCareer: Reinvent Your Career, is tailored to your needs and designed specifically to help professionals like you who are determined to succeed.

No more settling for less or feeling stuck in your current role. It’s time to take control and make a positive change in your career. Whether you’re planning a career pivot or taking a break, we’ve got you covered. Our program is backed by years of experience and a proven track record of success.

So, are you ready to take charge of your career and unleash your full potential? Don’t let fear or uncertainty hold you back any longer. Sign up for UpCareer: Reinvent Your Career now and let us help you achieve your goals!


Career Restarter

Your career has been interrupted by personal reasons, travel, or other circumstances. Perhaps you feel unsure about how to re-enter the workforce or how to keep up with industry changes. It’s because you were away.

Career Changers

You want to switch industries or roles within your current industry. Your current role or industry may no longer be the right fit for you. You may be unsure of how to make the transition and how to market yourself to employers in another industry.

Career Advancers

Getting ahead in your field is critical. You may feel like you’ve reached a plateau in your current role if you’re having trouble moving up the ladder. You might be looking for strategies to make yourself stand out when it comes to getting promoted or getting new opportunities.


UpCareer: Reinvent Your Career Program is our most popular coaching program, a comprehensive 4-step framework that’ll set you up for success at every stage of your career. Get our proven career tips and crush your goals in no time.

Our career assessment will help you identify your strengths and areas for improvement. Making an ideal career vision starts with clarifying your goals and values.

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We help you build a personal brand that positions you for career success. Establishing a professional online presence and crafting your elevator pitch. You’ll also learn how to expand your network and build relationships.

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Learn what job search strategies work for you. Get ready for interviews and negotiate job offers with confidence.

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Career planning helps you avoid career plateaus. You’ll learn how to maintain momentum based on your successes. By doing so, you’ll identify career advancement opportunities and continue to learn and evolve in your career.

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Reinvent Your Career Program is an individual career growth program that includes:

  • Personalized coaching program ranging from 6 to 12 sessions
  • An individualized career development plan designed exclusively for you
  • Exclusive access to our tools and resources to help you achieve your career goals
  • Support via email between coaching sessions to answer any questions or concerns you may have

Program Promise

Promise #1: Clarify Your Career Goals and Values

  • Discover your true career aspirations
  • Identify the values that drive you
  • Develop a vision for your ideal career

Promise #2: Create a Personal Brand and Online Presence

  • Develop a professional brand that sets you apart
  • Build an online presence that showcases your skills and experience
  • Use social media to network and build relationships

Promise #3: Master Job Search Strategies

  • Develop a customized job search strategy
  • Create a compelling resume and cover letter
  • Learn effective interview techniques

Promise #4: Develop Negotiation Skills

  • Negotiate your salary and benefits with confidence
  • Become an expert at negotiating
  • Develop the skill of advocating for your career goals and yourself

Promise #5: Build Career Momentum

  • Plan your career path for the long term
  • Focus on your goals and stay motivated

Let’s Make Things Happen

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