The majority of people I know have either never heard of coaching or are unaware of what it can offer. It’s difficult to find clear information about what coaching is, how to find a coach, and how it all works. We have compiled this list of FAQs to help you understand the basics of coaching.

ICF (International Coaching Federation) defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. The process of coaching often unlocks previously untapped sources of imagination, productivity and leadership.

A professional coach is a trained and certified professional who specialises in assisting you to achieve your personal and professional goals by helping you overcome obstacles. In most cases, this is accomplished through a series of one-on-one or group sessions designed to help you achieve your greatest potential in your lifetime. Professional coaches can help in a variety of ways by offering a variety of tools and techniques, as well as providing an objective point of view.

People from all walks of life can benefit from coaching, but it tends to resonate most with those who want to improve their lives or reach a higher level of success or who are feeling some sort of tension.  Coaching might be the right choice if you’re stuck in a rut, frustrated with some aspect of your career, facing a major transition, or simply seeking more out of your career. Coaching clients tell us they’re looking for four things:
  1. Focus on some important career issues in a dedicated time and space
  2. Perspectives from “experts” on potential waste
  3. Holding them accountable for progress
  4. During discussion, it is important to have someone who is objective and nonjudgmental.
Having a coach will help you stay accountable, so you can achieve your goals. Visit ICF’s website to learn more about coaching’s benefits.

Many of my clients are busy business professionals, so I do most sessions via Skype or phone so my clients can speak to me in the comfort and privacy of their own home, which is also a time-efficient approach.  Typically, we’ll start by getting a snapshot of your current situation, current issues, and where you want to go. We’ll clarify life purpose, values, ambitions, and goals.  We’ll also work to identify key barriers in your life, common frustrations, areas where you tend to get stuck.  At the end of each session, we will talk through next steps and actions to keep you moving forward between sessions.  Most sessions tend to last 60 mins.  All information is kept 100% confidential, and I will never divulge to anyone I’m working with you unless you give me explicit permission.  At the conclusion of our work together, we’ll recap our progress & identify how you can best leverage what you’ve learned as you move onward in life.

A life coach takes into account your whole being. These include relationships, health, careers, physical environments, social environments, etc. A career coach typically focuses on topics related to work and career development. Given our experts’ corporate professional backgrounds, most of our clients come to us for career-related topics. It is inevitable, however, that our conversations will eventually shift to other topics as a result of career inevitably affecting other areas of our lives.

Yes, of course. There is a wide range of definitions for the term “coach.”. There are those who call themselves coaches despite not having any formal training or certification.  Some, however, have completed formalized training programs accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF), such as the Coaches Training Institute (CTI).

Coaches who are credentialed by the ICF have met rigorous requirements for education and experience, and they have demonstrated a strong commitment to excellence in coaching. Certified coaches have completed coach-specific training, accumulated a designated number of coaching experience hours, and worked with a Coach themselves, showing an earnest commitment to coaching standards.

Yes, absolutely. Clients have come to us from around the world, including the UAE, Turkey, United States, Russia, Canada, Switzerland, Italy, Qatar, India, Saudi Arabia, and Australia. We welcome clients from anywhere in the world as long as you’re proficient in English. Most of our sessions are conducted via Zoom.

Multiple sessions may be necessary to create meaningful progress on longstanding barriers you’ve struggled to overcome.Our most successful clients stick with certain goals over the course of 90 days, since significant change doesn’t happen overnight. Clients are always encouraged to inform their coaches when they feel their time with them has ended. You should get tremendous value from every single session we have together, and if that isn’t the case, you are always free to stop.

I encourage you to ask yourself if you have gained clarity on your situation and learned something new about yourself after a coaching session, either with me or another coach.  We don’t claim coaching can lead to immediate epiphanies, but we do believe you’re getting a bit more clarity on your situation with each session.  The result should be that you feel more aware about yourself and are able to take action and achieve new results in your life.